About Us & Our Team

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Qualified, Trusted Craftsmen

We are a family company based in beautiful Devon, South West England with our workshop and offices, and shortly opening a new showroom. We also have a Northern sales and installation team that are based in Osmotherley, North Yorkshire. They can show you a working hot tub and carry out site visits to help with your order.

We have a great team on all levels to help you from sale through to handing over your beautiful hot tub or sauna. We are always happy to help clients with our valuable knowledge in designing and building our beautiful products, you will find that our service is fitting of the products that we offer.

We received a ‘best of service’ award 2019 from the Houzz design team, this was due to the number of 5 * ratings that our clients have given to us on the Houzz site with helpful testimonials for new clients to take advice from.

Standing a full 4ft in height, Riviera Hot Tubs are deeper than all spas, this extra depth increases buoyancy creating a wonderfully relaxing, luxurious tub.

We use a wide range of responsibly resourced timbers, our western red cedar is sourced from Vancouver, Canada and is FSC certified. Chosen for its clear grain, long term stability and natural resistance to decay. Our tubs have both an aesthetic and tactile quality.

We know you will appreciate the craftmanship that goes into building our products.


Robin Cranston
Robin CranstonManaging Director
Matt Collins
Matt CollinsFinance Director
Mike Holding
Mike HoldingNorthern Sales & Installations