Wooden Hot Tubs and Hot Tub Accessories

Riviera Hot Tubs’ unique combination of service, premium wood, innovative and reliable technology coupled with traditional cooperage methods and quality accessories combine to create the best range of cedar wood hot tubs available. We offer different models to suit different tastes, styles and budgets.

Brochure & Pricelist
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Choosing your Hot Tubs

Each wooden hot tub is crafted from the finest, clear heart, vertical grain western red cedar wood. The staves are precision milled and the thickest available. This extra thickness gives our hot tubs more insulating value and a longer lifespan than the thinner wooden hot tub on the market.
We have different model hot tub dependent on your requirements.

Spa Controls

The spa controls and equipment are manufactured by Balboa Instruments; the industry leader in this field. Balboa offer spa systems which are innovative, reliable, and easy to use. Perfect for your wooden hot tub.


The insulating cover which comes as standard with all our wooden hot tubs is 6″ tapered to 4″ thick, (This is the thickest, most insulating cover in the industry, with an R-value of R-21).

Advice for your wooden hot tub

Riviera Hot Tubs offers customers advice on siting and design and are able to provide plans if customers wish to recess their hot tubs. Our hot tubs can also be positioned on roof tops and balconies; this would however require confirmation that the load bearing capacity of the site was sufficient. If you are in any doubt employ the services of a structural engineer.

View our gallery for inspiration.


Once the hot tub site is prepared, our expert team will carry out the installation of the hot tub. Access is never a problem as all the components of our hot tubs can fit through a standard doorway. The hot tub generally takes a day to build and a practical demonstration on water maintenance and hot tub functions will be given at the end of the day along with back up literature.

wooden hot tub build spec
Picture shows our Wooden Hot Tub Build and Specifications.

Riviera Hot Tubs can be recessed or free-standing. A Free-standing wooden hot tub requires 2 or 3 extra steps, a full screening pack and a cedar clad equipment box. A Recessed wooden hot tub generally requires no extra steps unless the hot tub is recessed by 50% or less.

The standard fully weather proof plastic equipment box is all that is needed when recessing your hot tub as you can then conceal it under decking.

A certain amount of screening will be required however to hide pipework under the shelves unless the hot tub is being fully recessed.

All our wooden hot tubs are 49″ or 1245mm to the rim.

A practical demonstration on water maintenance and control pad operation will be given on installation as well as instruction booklet.