Wooden Hot Tubs

. Timeless elegance. enduring quality.

Our wooden hot tubs are constructed in the traditional barrel style. They are a stunning addition to any home. We provide a full installation service worldwide.

All Riviera Hot Tubs are made from the finest kiln dried cedar wood. Cedar is renowned for its longevity and our premium grade cedar wood hot tubs boast the thickest staves on the market. There are no liners or acrylic shells in our hot tubs just wonderfully tactile and aromatic cedar.

Standing a full 4ft in height, Riviera hot tubs are deeper than acrylic spas. This extra depth increases buoyancy creating a wonderfully relaxing, luxurious hot tub.

Crafted from the finest hand picked western red cedar wood, our wooden hot tub models combine traditional cooperage methods with the latest technology available to create our unique range of indoor and outdoor wooden hot tubs and saunas.

Why a Wooden Hot Tub?

In this world of plastics and synthetics, it’s refreshing to find something made of wood. Our traditional wooden hot tubs are classic in their design and simplicity. Made from Canadian kiln dried cedar; chosen for its clear grain, long-term stability and natural resistance to decay, our wooden hot tubs have both an aesthetic and tactile quality resulting in a truly unique bathing experience.

We believe natural wood hot tubs are an absolute pleasure to use and a beautiful addition to any garden landscape, be they free-standing or built in to new or existing patios or timber decking.

In this increasingly hectic and stressed world, owning a tub offers you a peaceful and soothing refuge any time of the year in the privacy of your own garden. We hope you will appreciate the craftsmanship of our tubs that you simply can’t get in mass produced plastic spas, not to mention the touch, feel and smell of beautiful cedar wood. Our products are classic in their design. We hope this website inspires you to create a hot tub or sauna haven in your home or garden.

Contact us today if you would like more information about our indoor, garden and outdoor wooden hot tubs.
To view hot tubs simply call or e-mail and we can arrange for you to view a hot tub near you or we can make an appointment for you to see our hot tubs here in Devon, UK.

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